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Business Development Grants

05 Nov

Business Development Grants

Getting a Grant for Business Development

The Australian government provides business development grants specifically for expansion or growth of small businesses in all states of Australia. Assistance is offered in many areas including grants, government loans, subsidies, tax cuts, mentoring and business advise.

A Business Development Grant is designed to give SME’s the financial boost required to grow or expand. You can also get a big advantage over your competitors by accessing all of the funding currently offered to your industry and staying one step ahead.

As a small business owner you should be aware of all funding options available to your industry and apply for as many as you are eligible to receive including: Tax offsets, expansion grants, employment grants, business evaluations, mentoring services and professional advice.

Some of the grants currently on offer to assist you include:

Business Growth Grant

Aimed at increasing business improvement to expand your trading capability in Australian markets and/or international markets. The $20,000 grant will cover up to fifty percent of eligible costs after you have received a business management service and your business adviser/facilitator recommends a detailed improvement plan to grow your business.

Small to Medium Enterprises can apply for these grants if your business is capable of expanding in Australian or International markets.

Applicants are required:

  • to apply for the grant within twelve months of receiving the detailed plan
  • to have a detailed improvement plan provided by a business advisor / facilitator
  • to have not applied for or received any grants for the business plan under which they are submitting.

Other grant programs are currently offered to help SME’s in all states of Australia including:

Small Business Digital Grants Qld

Assists small businesses in Queensland gain access to digital technologies, hardware, software & digital coaching.

Eligible businesses may apply for matched funding up to $10, 000 providing they can show reason to how the grant will help enhance the digital capabilities of their business by helping the business broaden competitively and employ more staff.

The 4 key priority areas for the grant are:

  • Website content development including mobile apps, web pages, visual & audio media etc
  • Receiving payments / online sales
  • Specialist digital technology or software that is business set
  • Digital planning, marketing game plan development, & training.

The federal government currently offers many grants throughout Victoria, Queensland, NSW, SA, WA, NT & TAS aimed at helping small business growth. Other avenues include local and state government programs.

If you would like any further information on all funding currently on offer to help your business expand or grow, speak with one our consultants today. Phone 02 61835040


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