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10 Feb


Did you know you can get grants to help market your business? Between government business grants and independent funding options there are a variety ways you can get help with social media marketing. If you don’t have a strong social presence then your small business is losing out on a lot of potential customers, leads and sales.

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are just a few social media platforms essential to industry growth. Budding entrepreneurs needing a social media presence can get help through business marketing grants, mentoring and more through grant programs currently available to small businesses in Australia.

Why is it important to have a social media presence?

The significance of a social media presence for businesses is on the rise. Marketing your brand through social-media-platforms generates more business by connecting with customers and increasing awareness of your brand.

And let’s face it, if you want to boost your leads for sales then knowing that over three billion people use social media every month, should be enough for you to get on the Ferris wheel of social media marketing right now!

It can be an inexpensive way of advertising, its instant and extremely effective. If you have the right knowledge and tools you wont need to pay marketing experts to do it for you. Or you may prefer to pay someone else so its worth seeing what grants are available to help your business today.

To find out how much your business may be eligible to receive in Grants. Call us 02 61835040

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