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Government grants & loans assist the rich diversity of industries in New South Wales by stimulating business development and expansion through funding programs with both New South Wales government and Australian government departments offering assistance to small business owners trading within the state.

Small Business investment in NSW is crucial with New South Wales Government business grants programs helping new startup businesses, innovation or growth. It is worth seeing all government funding being offered, this is how you can amass larger amounts of money as grants can vary from a few thousand dollars up to hundreds of thousand without you ever needing to pay the money back while federal and local government loans can offer little or no interest.

Getting money to grow your business through government funding

Money dedicated to business development within NSW or those needing a way to finance small business growth may be sought federally or statewide through these schemes. Varied funds will be offered depending on the geographical location of your business operations, See: (City of Sydney, Suburbs or Regional NSW) business funding for more information or call our office and speak with a grants professional about the funds available in your particular area.

NSW business grants V Federal business grants

Although NSW business funding is allocated strictly to small businesses operating within NSW you can apply for grants & loans through federal government programs also. The difference between them can be huge when we are talking about cash and opportunities to gain money for costs such as advertising, renovations, shop fittings, machinery, training etc.

It is in your interest to be aware of all funds being offered to your particular industry through both of these options. Programs are currently offering anywhere from $6,000 up to $650,000 for the astute entrepreneur through non repayable grants schemes and up to a million in low interest loans.

Government Funding Programs

Funding for NSW business owners will vary depending on the Government business support programs offered through grants, low & no interest loans, loan guarantees, working capital, employing staff, mentoring and advice plus much more. You may have to apply for federal and/or local grants in order to acquire the amounts you seek. As there are so many programs running throughout Australia you may need to seek professional assistance on the right funds to accelerate business improvement, growth and investment.

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Successful Grant Recipients

We have listed some New South Wales trades and industry that have successfully applied government funding to help them overcome financial obstacles through startup or expansion. Here you can see successful grant recipients within the state of NSW and why as an astute small business owner, you be should be applying for them too.