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Small Business Grants

Grants Available to Small Business Owners

If you need a way to fund your commercial venture then government small business grants are a great start. Business owners can use this funding to remain financially viable during early startup stage all the way through to major growth and expansion needs.

Australian government grants offer small businesses money between $1,000 to $500,000 plus mentoring, specialist advice and resources that may not ordinarily be available to them. It’s in your best interest as an owner or business manager to be up to date on all grants funding as a way for you to remain competitive.

Small Business Funding with Government Grants

Small business plays a huge role in Australia’s economic success. The government knows this and offers funding that’s easily accessible by most small businesses to ensure continued growth. Business owners can use this funding for equipment, advertising, training, trade visits, retail, renovations, machinery, employing staff plus much more.

Applying for a small business grant

Knowing where to apply and how much money you qualify for is certainly worth knowing. A small business grant could help with bringing new products to market, restructuring or operating your company more efficiently.

Australian Government Business Funding Has Strict Closing Deadlines

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