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Australian Government Grants for Small Businesses

Most small to medium enterprise (SME’s) in Australia will need to access government grant programs at some point. Small businesses from early startup stages to major growth and development, can access billions of dollars that will never need repaying through Australian government funding. Programs are run through national, state and local programs with over 80 departments disbursing business grants from $1,000 to $500,000 at various levels to help you including:

  • Federal Government Grant Programs

Funding is accessible to all eligible small business owners throughout each state and territory of Australia with hundreds of programs ranging from a few thousand dollars into the millions for large scale business projects. Generally the amount of applicants will be more competitive through national government grants due to the fact they are available Australia wide. So you need to be aware of all funding options being offered to your business or industry so you never miss out on this money again. Grants are there to help you grow or sustain your business, no matter which area you operate from within Australia however it is up to you to know about them and apply!

  • State Government Grants Programs

Issued specifically to small businesses within a particular state of Australia, making them slightly less competitive as your business must trade within the state or territory offering the funding. State Government funding provides millions of dollars toward small business competitiveness with the opportunity to apply for funding that is generally allocated based on particular business needs for that particular region.

  • Local Government Grant Schemes

These are more localised with funding offered to eligible business owners in a specific city, town or rural area. It’s important that entrepreneur’s are aware of all government business funding options, so you can compare financial opportunities offered to you through every avenue to help your business remain competitive and viable.

You can potentially receive government funding through federal, state and local grant options where you can apply for several government grant programs at any time to help with new startup costs to major expansion and growth.

To find out how much funding your small business may be eligible for, Phone: (02) 66 782 161