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As Tasmanian business growth continues both Tasmania and Federal government business grants are in place to help you during this period of economic growth. The Australian government knows how important it is for small business owners to have access to alternative resources and have answered this with funding options, advice and assistance available now for industry within the state.

Although exporting plays a major role in Tasmania’s economy small business is also on the rise and this is great news if you are thinking about starting a new business or expanding an already existing one. The governments focus is on creating more employment within the region and with business development comes many opportunities for new jobs.

Small business owners in ‘TAS’ can obtain grants for startup or growth purposes aimed towards commercial improvement and structure. Grants may offer business finance that produces favorable outcomes as this money will never have to be paid back.

Government grant funding for small businesses

Plans that support the development of small business in Tasmania with Government funding programs for infrastructure, exporters, agriculture and business in general. All funding options should be researched as this opportunity to secure money that never needs repaying could be just what you need to progress or remain trading  at your full potential.

TAS business grants give you a variety ways to get money as the government offers grant and loan alternatives. You will know how much you need and we can provide with a way to get small amounts or a lot. Funding opportunities will come down to the type of business you operate and the location but as there are millions of dollars available it is worth you seeing how much of this finance your eligible to receive.

Understanding government funding

Whether you are seeking a government business loan or a grant the choice is yours. With govenrment loans offering low interest and grants being free money you might wonder which one is the best choice for you. Well it depends on how much money you are seeking and the purpose your business needs the funds for. Generally grants will not exceed around $500,000 yet loans can go to $10 million with little interest and long repayment terms. So it pays to know what funding is being offered too as you can apply for several in each category.

Small business grants offer all TAS entrepreneurs a chance to gain finance solutions, no matter if you are a sole trader or medium sized company. If you need money for development or to employ staff, purchase machinery or whatever the need then you need to know what the Australian government is currently offering through monetary support.

If you would  like more information on what funding is currently available to your business please phone our office 02 66782161 or Email us