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Success Stories

Kangaroo Island SA – Good Foodgets $23,000 grant to develop the capability to promote and market Kangaroo Island’s produce to local and domestic markets.

SA Grain Growers Association granted $350,000 to undertake a detailed market assessment of Australian wheat consumers, to build the industry’s capacity to promote Australian wheat.

Australian Olive Association  $200,000 to promote and market Australian olive oil and table olives.

Mountain Top Coffee $29,445 grant received for commercialisation of coffee.

Nimbin NSW – Hunter Natural Co-op  $33,000 scholarship received  to commercialise nutritious beef meals in a bag.

NSW grants for company Aquabait of $110,000 received for commercialisation of marine worms for fishing bait and aquaculture feed industries.

NSW Ensil$110,000Funding received to improve plant and equipment.

NSW Serendip Organics$110,000For marketing and promotional activities.

NSW Veterinary Health Research$80,300For commercialisation of new product.

West Armidale NSW Ag Biotech Australia$110,000For commercialisation of new product

NSW Ishwinroo Enterprises (Perch Farm)$108,075For export-quality processing and ice-making facilities.

NSW Ingham’s $100,000For ground-breaking water treatment technology that returns over 70 percent of processed water to drinking water standard

Houston’s Farm$100,000 For the development of a carbon foot printing tool for the horticulture industry

Bribie Island Anchorage Pty Ltd $5,516Funding received for work and family

QLD Gladiator Tackle $2,562Funding received for work and family –work from home

QLD Queensland Seafood Industry Association (QSIA) $68,500funding received to develop marketing strategies for the promotion of Queensland seafood

QLD Australian Plantation Products and Paper Industry Council $51,526For manufacturing and environmental verification of forest products.

Wood Products Victoria Ltd $22,500Development of marketing strategy and promotion of Australian timber.

VIC Towac Fruit Export Cooperative Ltd $100,000 grant received for competitiveness and resilience plans to export apples and orange

PMA Australia-New Zealand Ltd $122,300 grant received for seminars, marketing and promotion of products

Research Grants for Summerfruit Australia $146,560 Research Taiwanese stone fruit markets and export

Mildura Development Corporation $25,000 Research, domestic and international produce marketing strategies

VIC Australian Macadamia Society Ltd $169,950 grant received for a marketing plan for Australian almonds research in the Indian market

Vegetables WA $31,705 To develop marketing and promotional plan for the WA vegetable industry.

WA Winemakers Federation of Australia $77,000 To help implement the Australian Fortified Wines Strategy.

Waroo Balonne Region Land care Inc $2,986 Work from home

QLD TM Organics Pty Ltd $14,596Funding recieved to work from home

SA Tasmanian Institute of Agricultural Research $116,057 To develop export marketing strategy for the Tasmanian vegetable industry.

Seafood Experience Australia Ltd $36,000Marketing strategies for better export opportunities ACT

Barton Good Food Kangaroo Island $23 000Marketing and export promotion SA – Kangaroo Island Kangaroo

Industries Association of Australia. $215,677 Promotion & Marketing strategies for export of produce.VIC

Northern Territory Cattleman’s Assoc.$107,500 Cattle export strategies for Indonesia and South East Asia.NT

$53,274 International visits for business purposes NSW

Angus & Julie Stone$73,935To hire consultant & financial services

NSW Beyond Properties Pty Ltd $122,469T o hire consultant

NSW Matthew Lovkis, Lauren Elliott & Henry Inglis $70,000Marketing of new film

WA – Perth Bico Designs Pty Ltd $150,000To hire consultant

NSW Carole B Graphics $ 2,960Funding received for Income support, and mentoring

NT Breaker Publications Pty Ltd $22,576Funding received for export market opportunities

NSW Bronte Music Pty Ltd $78,632For export market opportunities

NSW Bundara Pty Ltd $122,968Business consultant Sydney, New South Wales

Candala Pty Ltd $28,575 Funding received for international market opportunities

NSW Capitol Productions Pty Ltd $42,013Funding received for international market opportunities

NSW Blue Pie Productions Pty Ltd $17,783Funding received for business consultant

NSW Ceramics: Art and Perception Pty Ltd $68,803Funding received to hire consultant/financial services

NSW Deck Dogz Films Pty Ltd $62,432Funding received for international market opportunities

NSW Dirty Dancing Investments Pty Ltd $58,260Funding received for international market opportunities

NSW Dream beaming Pty Ltd $150,000Funding received to hire consultant Mullumbimby,

NSW Down Under Tours (Australia) Pty Ltd $100,000Upgrade of Safari coaches, equipment

QLD Dudley Wines $100,000Funding received for expansion: cellar door and cafe

SA Eskimo Industries P/L 26,942Funding received for export market opportunities, business and trade shows

NSW Eskimo Industries P/L $61,257Funding received for Consulting & Financial Services

NSW  Evermore Music $53,274 Funding received for business and trade shows

NSW Film Projects Pty Ltd $12,532 Funding received for export market opportunities

NSW Golden Quest Trails Association Inc $397,000 Attracting tourism, and employment growth

WA Gum Creek Station Pty Ltd $61,000 Funding received for tourism

SA Hugh Carmichael Mackay $16,642 Funding received to hire consultant

NT Hoodlum Entertainment $8,000Funding received for tax program

QLD Iasbet.Com Pty Ltd $57,819Funding received to hire consultant
Logan’s Beach Resort and Day Spa $91,886Funding received for business expansion VIC

Midland Railway Company Pty Ltd $100,000Funding received to restore and refurbish railway carriages WA

North Australian Expeditions Pty Ltd $9,152Funding received to hire consultant NT

Sarah Newman $12,000Funding received for promotion and marketing of CD, contemporary music WA

Sports Optimisation Systems Pty Ltd $64,000Funding received for start up consisting of Athlete Management Program For Elite athletes & coaches QLD

The Cumberland Day Spa Centre $100,000Funding received for marketing /expansion VIC

The Preytells $9,016To promote and market the release of The Preytells debut album to a national audience

Triple hill Accommodation Pty Ltd (Daylesford) $100,000Funding received for tourism & business development VIC

Urban Art Projects $300,000Funding received in form of loan guarantee for overseas touring QLD

Wilderness 4Wd Adventures Pty Ltd $50,670Funding received for international market opportunities NT

Mr Trevor Bly $19,162 Create and publish a book documenting the history of graffiti art on Craigie

Walls Feg Entertainment P/L $46,500To enable advice from industry professional NSW

Ms Jessica Jubb $17,752Research towards the development of a body of contemporary jewellery and small sculpture work for an exhibition, recorded in booklet form Mr Tom Muller

$50,030 Grants awarded to Australian Mussel Industry Association Inc to build industry marketing capability, and to conceive and test several promotional strategies for blue mussels.

$77,000Winemakers Federation of Australia To help implement the Australian Fortified Wines Strategy.

$27,500 grant Develop and produce a monograph Mr Jon Goulder
$33,270 Tour, install, promote and launch solo exhibition and catalog in Perth and Melbourne Mr Mark McPherson T/A Big City Press

$18,500 Distribute ‘Hijacked 2’ – a compendium of contemporary Australian and German photography Ms Kate Campbell-Pope

$3,929 Undertake a five month mentor-ship with Dr Barbie Greenshields Miss Tanya Schultz

$26,645 Develop new work for Pip & Pop’s solo exhibition in the UK, produce catalogs and undertake residency Nathan Nisbet

$8,690 Undertake a six week mentor-ship with a focus on music production and recording with Dave Cooley at Elysian Mastering, Los Angeles Sugar Army

Perth band gets grant of $10,000 for Pre-production Grants and production of the second album (Sugar Army Alice Glenn)

Victorian receives grants of $30,000 for development and presentation of artistic project

$9,977 Undertake a professional recording session to create an album of original material Anna Hedigan$10,000Maturity of literary fiction work VIC Andrew Murray

Tour Grant for Victorian – $13,630 to undertake a two week tour of the United States to promote the new recording by Taco Leg

Arts Grant for Victorian Storyteller – $18,000 funding towards digital storytelling for Mace Francis of Victoria

National tour Grant awarded $10,180 to undertake a national tour to promote the release of the new MFO CD featuring original music by Western Australian composers Astra Chamber Music Society

Presentation of concert Grant for Mr Konrad Paszkudzki for the amount of $12,000 in Victoria

$29,681 Young People and the Arts International Scholarship to complete the second year of a Masters in Music (Instrumental Jazz Performance) at the University of Miami, Florida Flinders Quartet

$10,000 Staging of 3 concerts VIC Addictive Entertainment Pty Ltd

St Kilda, Victoria business Going Down Swinging get grants to promote products for the amount of $26,780 to attend trade fairs, seminars, in-store promotions.

VIC Alliance Design Group Pty Ltd $52,863 grant for producing promotional literature & advertising such as brochures, pamphlets, DVD etc

QLD Surfers Paradise Jessica Scott $18,000 grant for presentation of contemporary Australian video art

VIC Aspect Studios Pty Ltd $27,291 To engage an overseas representative to market product/service

VIC Collingwood Liquid Architecture Sound Inc $17,000 Funding for presenting the 13th annual music festival.

VIC Cherie Boogaart $5,000Vocational training

SA Paul Gazzola $4,419 To attend international Performance Design and Space

SA Ausdance $5,000 Assist with travel expenses

SA Australian Ceramics Triennale $10,000 Website development

SA Australian Book Review $12,000 Assistance for SA writers

SA Australian Art Resources (Australia) Pty Ltd $15,000International visits for further expansion

VIC Australian Art Joint Venture $14,000International trade visits

VIC Eskimo Industries P/L $ 88,199 International visits to set up trade and a business mentor

NSW Make It Up Club Inc $13,000 Funding towards weekly music performances.

VIC Mid-Summa Festival Inc$20,000Funding towards arts program presentation

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