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Evermore Music $53,274 Art Grant received for International visits for the purpose of business promotion NSW
Angus & Julie Stone $73,935 Singing Artists Get Grant to Hire a Business Consultant & Financial Services. NSW
Beyond Properties Pty Ltd $122,469 Grant received for Independent Property Consultants For the Purpose of Mentoring & Professional Advice NSW
Matthew Lovkis, Lauren Elliott & Henry Inglis $70,000 Arts Grant for Film Marketing WA – Perth
Bico Designs Pty Ltd $150,000 To hire consultant NSW
Carole B Graphics
New Business Startup
$ 2,960 NT Arts Grants Recipient receives a Grant for Income support, and mentoring. NT
Breaker Publications Pty Ltd $22,576 Art Grant for Exporting Product NSW
Bronte Music Pty Ltd $78,632 Grant Received to Assist with For Export Opportunities NSW
Bundara Pty Ltd $122,968 Grant Received for Professional Business Consultant Sydney, New South Wales
Candala Pty Ltd $28,575 NSW company gets Grant for the purpose of international marketing of products NSW
Capitol Productions Pty Ltd $42,013 Funding received for international market opportunities NSW
Blue Pie Productions Pty Ltd $17,783 Funding received for business consultant NSW
Ceramics: Art and Perception Pty Ltd $68,803 Funding received to hire consultant/financial services NSW
Deck Dogz Films Pty Ltd $62,432 Funding received for international market opportunities NSW
Dirty Dancing Investments Pty Ltd $58,260 Funding received for international market opportunities NSW
Dream Beaming Pty Ltd $150,000 Funding received to hire consultant Mullumbimby, NSW
Down Under Tours (Australia) Pty Ltd $100,000 Queensland Tourism Operator gets Tourism Grant for the Upgrade of Safari Coaches & Equipment QLD
Dudley Wines $100,000 Grant received by SA Wine Merchants for business Expansion & Cellar Door Improvements SA
Eskimo Industries P/L $26,942 NSW Commercial Refrigeration Co gets Grant for Trade Shows and Promotions aimed at International Trade NSW
Eskimo Industries P/L $61,257 NSW Commercial Refrigeration Co gets Grant Funding for Consulting & Financial Services NSW
EvermoreMusic $53,274 NSW Art Grant. Funding Received for Business and Trade shows NSW
Film Projects Pty Ltd $12,532 Film Grants for NSW. Funding Received for Export Marketing Opportunities NSW
Golden Quest Trails Association Inc $397,000 WA Tourism Grants aimed at Attracting Tourism, and Employing More Staff. WA
Gum Creek Station Pty Ltd $61,000 SA Tourism Grant $61,000 received for the Purpose of Enhancing Tourism to the Property SA
Hugh Carmichael Mackay $16,642 Arts Grants NT. Grant Received to hire Professional Consultant for Advice NT
Hoodlum Entertainment $8,000 Funding received for tax program QLD
Iasbet.Com Pty Ltd $57,819 Funding received to hire consultant NT
Logan’s Beach Resort and Day Spa $91,886 Funding received for business expansion VIC
Midland Railway Company Pty Ltd $100,000 WA Tourism Grant Funding received to Restore and Refurbish Railway Carriages WA
North Australian Expeditions Pty Ltd $9,152 Funding received to hire consultant NT
Sarah Newman $12,000 Music Grant for WA Singer with Funding received for Promotion and Marketing of CD, Contemporary Music WA
Sports Optimisation Systems Pty Ltd $64,000 Funding received for start up consisting of Athlete Management Program For Elite athletes & coaches QLD
The Cumberland Day Spa Centre $100,000 Grant received for Marketing & Business Expansion of Victorian Day Spa. VIC
The Preytells $9,016 To promote and market the release of The Preytells debut album to a national audience
Triple hill Accommodation Pty Ltd (Daylesford) $100,000 Vic Tourism Grant received for Tourism & Business Development of Daylesford Accommodation VIC
Urban Art Projects $300,000 Loan Guarantee for Qld Arts to enable International Touringouring QLD
Wilderness 4Wd Adventures Pty Ltd $50,670 NT Tourism Grants awarded for International Marketing NT
Mr Trevor Bly $19,162 Art Grant to create and publish a book documenting the history of graffiti art on Craigie Walls.
Feg Entertainment P/L $46,500 NSW Entertainment Co gets Art Grant for the Purpose of Obtaining Professional Industry Advice. NSW
Ms Jessica Jubb $17,752 Research towards the development of a body of contemporary jewellery and small sculpture work for an exhibition, recorded in booklet form
Mr Tom Muller $27,500 Develop and produce a monograph
Mr Jon Goulder $33,270 Tour, install, promote and launch solo exhibition and catalogue in Perth and Melbourne
Mr Mark McPherson T/A Big City Press $18,500 Distribute ‘Hijacked 2’ – a compendium of contemporary Australian and German photography
Ms Kate Campbell-Pope $3,929 Undertake a five month mentorship with Dr Barbie Greenshields
Miss Tanya Schultz $26,645 Develop new work for Pip & Pop’s solo exhibition in the UK, produce catalogues and undertake residency
Nathan Nisbet $8,690 Undertake a six week mentorship with a focus on music production and recording with Dave Cooley at Elysian Mastering, Los Angeles
Sugar Army $10,000 Pre-production and production of the second album by Perth band Sugar Army
Alice Glenn $30,000 Develop and presentation of artistic project VIC
Abbe May $9,977 Undertake a professional recording session to create an album of original material
Anna Hedigan $10,000 Maturity of literary fiction work VIC