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Food / Accommodation

Australasian Wine Exporters $38,800 Advertising, Promotional literature VIC
Australia-Asia International Wine Textile and Foods Importing/Exporting P/L $6,100 Export Promotion assistance VIC
Australia Fruits P/L $11,400 Export product promotion VIC
Australian Culinary Foods P/L $20,900 Property rights & assistance for registration NSW
Thorpe Estate Orchards P/L $100,000 Business expansion TAS
Australasian Wine Exporters P/L $47,000 Promotions and Trade Fair VIC
Anadis Ltd $973,000 Business Development funding VIC
Anvers Confectionery $100,000 Business Expansion TAS
Ampco Meat Group P/L $20,700 Promotions to export products and business expansion NSW
Australian Bio-refining P/L $64,000 Food processing and production NSW
Alberta Cachia $8,500 To employ business professional VIC
Abundant Earth Natural Foods P/L $16,400 To employ business professional VIC
Aberdeen Wine Company P/L $37,480 To employ business professional NSW
Alexei Teplov $5,000 International promotions NSW
Arabica Coffee & Prestige Organic Coffee $5,000 Funding received to attend international trade fairs QLD
Australian Food & Beverage Group P/L $132,730 International trading and promotion NSW
Barons Brewing P/L $44,000 To employ professional consultant NSW
Booma Hyland Aquaculture Ltd $64,000 Funding awarded for new business opportunities NSW
Broken wood Wines P/L $63,900 International trade visits and business development opportunities NSW
Brookfarm P/L $86,860 Funding for trade on an international level NSW
Byron Bay Cookie Company P/L $129,500 Employment of business professional and advice NSW
Byron Bay Cookie Company P/L $89,500 Business expansion and international trade fair exhibitions NSW
Condor Fresh P/L $5,000 International trade fair funding awarded NSW
Cumulus Wines P/L $150,000 Funding received for international trade visits NSW
Dudley Wines $100,000 Funding received for business expansion SA
Fyna Foods $1,200,000 Funding received for business expansion VIC
Freedom Foods P/L $19,870 Funding received to employ a business consultant NSW
Gelatissimo P/L $60,000 Funding received to expand franchise NSW
Grants Bakery Equipment $100,000 Funding received for business equipment and expansion SA
Harvest Mills P/L $39,885 International business expansion opportunities NSW
Lindsay Pie making Equipment P/L $1,800 Funding received for showcasing Australian technology NSW
Matilda Fresh Foods P/L $1,539,460 Purchase of business equipment QLD
Meadowbank Wines Holding P/L $82,000 Business Expansion TAS
Mossman Central Sugar Mill Company Ltd $913,000 Business Expansion QLD
Naturale P/L $41,600 Business Expansion TAS
Redi-Fruit P/L $64,000 Development of new technology QLD
Seafood Innovations P/L $423,330 Funding received for new equipment QLD
The Hot Chips Company P/L $64,000 New equipment WA
Water Lab P/L $135,000 Water purification & business expansion SA
Woodside Cheese Wrights $25,000 Business renovations SA
Ce’ Nedra P/L $49,800 International trade visits to expand business NSW
Constantinos & Andrianna Fardoulis $15,150 International trade visits to expand along with a business consultant NSW
Dekite P/L $17,000 Business advice and international trade visits NSW
C Dan & D Dan $39,490 Funding provided for international visits to expand NSW
Brighton Shelley Ltd & Bromfield Holdings P/L $79,000 Tourism funding to employ a professional advisory consultant NSW
Bonza Bike Tours P/L $19,400 Business advice NSW
Harbour City Hotel P/L $42,900 International visits to establish better tourism opportunities NSW
Hanz (Canberra) P/L $49,900 ACT / NSW
Mudgee Brewing Company P/L $97,170 Business Expansion NSW