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Import / Export

Advantage Line P/L $54,078 Export promotions NSW
Andrew McKinnon Presentations $38,859 Funding provided for export promotion NSW
Atlassian Software Systems P/L $150,000 Grant for Export Promotions of NSW Company NSW
Australian International Marine Export Group Ltd $92,861 Promotions and trade shows VIC
Australian Industry Group $60,475 Funding received for export NSW
Capital Partners P/L $83,921 Export promotional literature NSW
Centre For Asia Pacific Aviation P/L $150,000 Export Grant to Promote Product including Literature for the Purpose of Gaining International Trade NSW
Channel Enablers P/L $121,339 Funding received towards promotions for export VIC
Cluny Exports P/L $8,392 Funding Towards Export Promotions NSW
Delica Australia P/L $34,155 Funding received towards a business consultant VIC
Donut Australia P/L $40,482 Vic Food Company gets Grant for Export Promotion Costs VIC
Emu Design (Qld) P/L $65,204 funding received towards export promotion QLD
Ferguson Project Management P/L $31,720 Funding received for a business consultant SA
Fern-grove Vineyards Ltd $89,533 funding received for a business consultant WA
Flemings Nurseries P/L $150,000 Export Grant given to Victorian Nursery For Professional Advice and Mentoring VIC
Wine World Exports P/L $27,600 Consultancy NSW
Wicked Travel P/L $121,700 Funding received for business consultant NSW Byron Bay
Zing Communications P/L $150,000 Business Grants awarded for NSW Communications Co to employ a Business Consultant NSW
Australian Southern Exporters $499,250 Business Grant for SA Exporter for Commercially Viable Business Development SA Port Lincoln
Bronx International $500,000 Export Bonds Granted to Assist NSW Importer / Exporter with Export bonds and Market Guarantees. NSW
Urban Art Projects $300,000 Export Loan Guarantee QLD
Planet Lighting $92,000 NSW Company gets Advanced Payment on Exports from Government Business Funding NSW
Cattle & Lamb Pty Ltd $26,140 International visits to establish expansion NSW
Bush Bio-therapies P/L $76,835 Grant awarded for International Travel to Establish Business Opportunities Internationally. NSW
SMB International P/L $34,000 NT Export Grant to Hire International Marketing Specialist NT
Tourism Property Investment Group P/L $31,300 Export Grant for NT Company to Hire International Marketing Specialist NT
Beacon Software Innovations P/L $85,000 Grant to Market Products for International Purposes ACT
Capital Play P/L $193,000 Multiple Grants awarded for the purpose of International Marketing and Business Expenses. ACT
Firemint $80,000 Export Grant for Business Expansion NSW
Megabolt Australia P/L $34,000 Export Grant for the purpose of Promoting Products into International Markets VIC
The Privileges Card P/L $38,000 Grant for Promotion of Products Internationally. ACT
JVC Investments P/L $6,700 Product Promotions for the purpose of International Trade NT
Astec Paints Australasia P/L $64,000 Marketing Grant for the purpose of Exporting Products from Australia. SA
Absolute Opals & Gems P/L $75,000 Marketing Grant for the purpose of Exporting Products from Australia. NSW
E-Wine Online P/L $13,000 Product Marketing Grant QLD
Export Solutions P/L $130,000 Grant to Promote Products for Purpose of Export. VIC
Ezi-Pin International P/L $21,000 Grant given to help with costs towards product samples for international trade benefits. VIC
Ezy-Boat P/L $13,000 Grant received to assist with Business Expenses. QLD