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Innovation / Technology

Allcover Products Pty Ltd $200,375 Grant for manufacturing equipment for specialist product range TAS, Wynyard
AJL Heavy Equipment Pty Ltd T/A
$75,000 Performance vehicle engine testing facility TAS, Ulverstone
All Homes Pty Ltd $1,060,798 Commercialisation of allhomes.com.au in national and overseas markets ACT
Ashgrove Cheese Pty Ltd $329,400 Increase production capacity of Tasmanian branded cheese production TAS, Elizabeth
Australian Advanced Manufacturing Centre $1,500,000 Grant received for manufacturing of integrated design and construction for production of machinery SA Melrose Park
Australian Southern Exporters $499,250 Commercially viable business development SA Port Lincoln
Australian Therapeutic Proteins P/L $524,085 Expansion of production and processing in serum plant TAS, Longford
Broens Industries $2,500,000 Establishment of aerospace facilities SA Elizabeth South
Charlton Farm Produce P/L $225,050 Business expansion for onion grading and packing TAS, Moriaty
Clear Edge Filtration (Australia) Pty Ltd 777,563 Development of new technical filter fabrics for minerals refining VIC
Creswick Woollen Mills Proprietary Limited 402,050 To create market opportunities to develop innovative carpet designs and products. VIC
Cloverlea Nursery Pty Ltd $102,430 Commercial plant propagation facility TAS, Somerset
EnGeneIC Limited $1,488,181 Manufacturing of EDV-based anti-cancer therapeutics for commercial licensing NSW
Ertler Trading Pty Ltd T/A Premium
Fresh Tasmania
$260,000 New packing and storage equipment for Eurpopean export TAS, Forth
Faulkner Lab Pty Ltd $81,257 Predictive media planning software WA
Footwear Manufacturers Association of Australia Inc (FMAA) 6,245,250 New information technology systems in support of a customised product. VIC
Greenham Tasmania P/L $1,133,750 Increase Smithton meat processing facility
capacity by 40%
TAS, Smithton
Global Detection Systems Pty Ltd $60,000 Toothed Whale (mainly Dolphin) alert system for the long line tuna fishing industry NSW
Godfrey Hirst Australia Pty Ltd 1,836,350 Development of bonded synthetic carpet. VIC
Healthy Business Tasmania Pty Ltd $65,000 Health and human change online support system TAS
Island Block & Paving P/L $187,500 New machinery to expand product range TAS, Launceston
Highco Australia Pty Ltd $116,012 Purpose built manufacturing facility TAS, Devonport
Highlight Ventures Pty Ltd $40,000 High Altitude Balloon Tourism Project NSW
Intex Holdings $1,000,000 Technology designed to reduce consumption of fuel and greenhouse gas emissions in new and existing car and truck fleets SA Tonsley Park
Immune System Therapeutics Ltd $1,858,349 Monoclonal Antibody Treatment for Myeloma and Other Fatal Blood Cancers NSW
Jebsens Logistics Services P/L $50,000 Bulk storage and transport container for grain TAS, Burnie
Jamala Press Pty Ltd Print Domain & The Circular Head Chronicle $87,845 Funds received for purchase of digital printing
TAS, Burnie
Lockbox Pty Ltd $410,000 Security software enabling trusted institutions to deliver consumer electronic vaults VIC
NeuClone Pty Ltd $748,655 A platform technology for use in the bio-manufacturing of biological drugs NSW
Newcastle Innovation Ltd $205,677 A new diagnostic test to predict when a pregnant women will start labour NSW
Nichols Poultry P/L $700,000 Business expansion TAS, Sassafras
Norfolk Blinds Pty Ltd $212,139 Infrastructure for manufacture TAS, Burnie
Ofidium Pty Ltd $1,543,742 Optical OFDM transceiver demonstration VIC
Pressure Fresh Australia Pty Ltd $346,480 Commercialisation of an innovative, ready to eat range of avocado products QLD
Simmersion Holdings Pty Ltd $750,000 Commercialisation of a 3D visual Simulation Platform ACT
Samaras Group $1,000,000 Enhance manufacture SA Gillman
Southern Innovation Trading Pty Ltd $300,000 Advanced radiation detection and measurement technology VIC
S.E.R.S Sheet Metal Works $1.7 Million Business expansion TAS
Specialty Coatings (Aust) Pty Ltd 1.9 Million Research, development, test and commercialise new roofing product VIC
Sturdybilt Agencies Pty Ltd $135,000 Factory extension TAS, Latrobe
Sunrise Bakery (Tas) P/L $60,000 Equipment upgrades TAS, Launceston
TasSpan Pty Ltd $152,500 Specialised, innovative pile driving machine TAS, Latrobe
Tasmanian Quality Meats P/L $500,000 Business Expansion TAS, Cressy
Tamar Valley Dairy Pty Ltd $600,000 Business expansion and upgrade TAS
TenasiTech Pty Ltd $186,559 Cost effective additive extending life and performance of thermoplastic polyurethane products QLD
Pandani Select Foods and Hygienic Butchery $127,000 Specialised machinery for manufacture TAS
The Pipette Company $366,470 specialised equipment required for manufacturing SA, Thebarton
VEC Civil Engineering P/L $1 Million Expansion & development TAS,Ulverstone
Vision Instruments Pty Ltd $103,980 Portable Retinal Camera TAS
Wolf Industrial Innovation Pty Ltd $81,000 Dynamic Industrial Coil Coating Thickness and Quality Control System NSW
Zachary Goss $50,000 Snowboard brake and security device WA
AC & SC Lang Processing $50,000 Innovation & Manufacturing Grant received. SA
RPC Technologies $2.5 Million Investment & Innovation Grant for purpose of new building and employment of more staff NSW
Oribital Australia $440,400 Grant to assist entering international markets for engine innovator WA
Leisuretech Electronics P/L $56,000 Grant to promote product samples internationally NSW
Libwil Technology P/L $9,500 Grants received towards Intellectual property rights VIC
Life Therapeutics Ltd $150,000 Trade Fairs NSW
Lightning Protection International P/L $71,000 Grants for intellectual property rights and insurances TAS
Lite Steel Technologies P/L $79,000 Grants for product samples for international trading expansion VIC