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Poly Marketing P/L $5,733 International Marketing Tasmania
Australian Robotics Industries Pty Ltd $427,051 Grant received for production of unmanned confined space inspection technologies ACT Mitchell
RPC Technologies $2.5 Million NSW Manufacturer receives loan for a new plant & building NSW
Avolution Pty Ltd $76,249 Manufacturer gets grants to enable visits to established or potential overseas markets NSW Sydney
Ballastech Pty Ltd $30,000 Ship ballast knowledgebase QLD Townsville
Gold-Peg International $50,000 Security bonds for international sales Victoria
Bont Skates Pty Ltd $150,000 To employ a consultant NSW Campsie
Clearguard Pty Ltd $52,000 Marketing and further development of industrial piping solution WA Jandakot
Cawarra Cosmetics P/L $20,000 Employ industry specialist for advice and mentoring NSW
Claypave Pty Ltd $1,208,730 Development of large scale clay pavers QLD Dinmore
Deployable Structures International Pty Ltd $64,000 Product development for Manufacture QLD Cleavland
Datadot Technology Limited $1,541,260 Innovative technology grant awarded NSW Frenchs Forest
Elaco Pty Ltd $64,000 Composite manufacturing system ACT Tuggeranong
Formcraft Pty Ltd $64,000 Insulated concrete flooring system WA Kewdale
GPS-AG 125% write off R&D costs R&D Tax Incentive Victoria
Flip Screen Australia Pty Ltd $590,000 Aggregates filtering device NSW Wagga Wagga
Freecargo Australia Pty Ltd $64,000 Web Based E-Commerce Applications For The Transport Industry. WA Midland
Fluorosolar Systems Ltd $1,238,910 Flexible light transmission technology NSW Parramatta
Gliderol International Pty Ltd $1,439,260 Efficient Cost Effective Advanced Manufacturing Process For Gliderol Global Garage Doors SA Holden Hill
Global Manufacturing Technology P/L $38,000 Employ professional adviser NSW
Kool Ideas Pty Ltd $64,000 The World’s First Mobile 12 Volt Reverse Cycle Airconditioner. VIC Bendigo
Loklite Pty Ltd $957,079 Composite building panel QLD Holland Park
Global Safety Solutions & Management P/L $100,000 International trade visits for expansion NSW
Magswitch Technology Worldwide Pty Ltd $423,377 Improvements to current magswitch tehnology NSW North Ryde
Romar Engineering Pty Ltd $449,915 Liquid silicone dispensing system NSW Sefton
Robway Crane Safety Systems Pty Ltd $995,905 Management And Control System SA Thebarton
SVP Industries Pty Ltd $244,822 Wall Cavity drainage system TAS George Town
Seatrac Pty Ltd $1,603,810 Subsea oil and gas well technologies WA Jandakot
Super Safe Silo Tops Pty Ltd $151,712 Early Stage Commercialisation Activities For A Range Of Remotely Operable Silo Lids VIC Kyabram
Smef Pty Ltd $64,000 Water Storage System That Integrates Into Domestic And Commercial Slab Concrete Building Foundations. VIC Warragu
Testlok Pty Ltd $64,000 Perth, Western Australia WA Perth
Tilta Industries Pty Ltd $64,000 Unique new truck body NSW Murrwillumbah
TS Systems Pty Ltd $64,000 Internal Combustion Engine Exhausting. QLD Maroochydore
Vozcorp Helmets Pty Limited $64,000 Voz Helmet A Full-Face Rear-Access Strapless Motor/Sports Helmet. NSW Sydney
Fabricari P/L $43,200 Employ business professional NSW
Sensol Ltd $90,400 Product research and marketing ACT – Canberra
X-tTek Limited $101,700 Grants to market products internationally ACT
Fast Track Engineering P/L $55,200 International trade assistance NSW
High-tech Tooling $225,450 Equipment Grant QLD – Brisbane
Fidax Foundry P/L $18,880 Employ business professional NSW
Ayres Composite Panels $3,800 Government rebate to increase companies cash flow WA – Bayswater
The Fire Company $420,000 Government guaranteed loan for international trade NSW
Tacnia P/L $64,000 Product development SA
Fidax Foundry P/L $77,000 International visits to expand business NSW
Smart Hook $120,000 Intellectual property marketing grant QLD – Mooloolaba
Flat P/L $27,300 Employ business professional NSW
Albums Australia P/L $5,330 Sample costs for exporting product VIC
Fluoro Pacific P/L $17,900 International trade visits NSW
Furniturehaus P/L $6,000 To employ a business consultant NSW
Lifebelt $70,400 R & D SA
Gammasonics Institute For Medical Research P/L $32,100 To employ a business consultant NSW
Gecam Industries P/L $50,600 To employ a business consultant NSW
Megabolt Australia P/L $34,890 Export promotion and sample costs VIC – Campbellfield
Gillian Myfanwy Burke $5,300 International business visits NSW
Cheeta Australia P/L $64,000 Start up costs QLD
Omni Manufacturing P/L $7,070 Promotional costs for exporting WA
Global Manufacturing Technology P/L $38,100 To employ a business consultant NSW
Global Safety Solutions & Management P/L $41,700 To employ a business consultant NSW
Global Safety Solutions & Management P/L $102,300 International Visits to establish trade NSW
H & I Jones $17,699 International Visits to establish trade NSW
Entech Circuits and Graphics P/L $5,760 Trade fairs assistance SA
Hallican Boodie Designs P/L $77,441 To employ a business consultant NSW
Harcor Security Seals P/L $21,000 Business consultant NSW
TRUenergy $5,000,000 Construction of new gas station NSW
Hastie International P/L $89,500 Business consultant and advice NSW
Global Building Systems Various Amounts Export Assistance for building promotions QLD
BTF P/L $89,500 Business consultant and advice NSW
C Wear Australia P/L $33,100 International trade visits NSW
Cap-X P/L $150,000 Professional consultant and business advisor NSW
Initial Impact P/L $7,190 To employ a consultant VIC
Air Affairs $52,000 Business Expansion NSW
Swagman Australia P/L $1,008,840 Manufacture of new motor home QLD
Fashionassassin P/L $25,000 Hire professional consultant for business opportunities NSW
Parking Assist $780,000 Government loan guaranteed for international export opportunities NSW
Winiam Investments P/L $12,500 Government finance to secure business NSW
Concept Paints $21,000 International Marketing travel NSW
Planet Lighting $92,000 Export Guarantee NSW – Bellingen
Powdersafe P/L $35,000 Grant for International Marketing ACT
Compact Designs P/L $5,000 Communication Equipment TAS – Invermay
Priimepakn2 $598,390 Product development grant TAS – Woodbridge
Sun-FX Pro P/L $23,900 Grant for marketing business internationally ACT

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