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Down Under Tours Aust P/L $100,000 Tourism Grant to Purchase new Tour Vehicles QLD
City Handyman $30,000 Start Up Grant received for Melbourne Handy Man service to help with the purchase of new tools, website and office fit out in Melbourne City Victoria – Melbourne
Current Circus P/L $30,000 Grant for new business received by Software Application company to assist with IT and specialist equipment purchase & website redevelopment Victoria – Melbourne
Ferra Engineering P/L $2 Million New Technology, Production & Development Tingalpa, Queensland
Gumbo Kitchen $30,000 New Business Grant given to innovative mobile food van company for energy efficient cooking appliances & new website. Start up business. Victoria – Melbourne
Logan’s Beach Resort and Day Spa $91,886 Business Expansion Grant for day spa. VIC
Oakmoore P/L $2,529,000 Equipment to enhance production Salisbury, Queensland
Conflict of Interest $14,000 Grant for Start Up Costs VIC
At Last Shoes $4,500 New Business Grants towards Launch of new retail outlet SA
Melbourne City Rooftop $30,000 Beekeeper receives Grant for the purchase of equipment for innovative city idea. Victoria – Melbourne
Golden Quest Trails Association Inc $397,000 Business expansion grant aimed at tourism, and employment WA
Kwik Kat Enterprises $4,500 Business Start Up Capital SA
House of CQ $30,000 Start Up business receives grant towards studio fit out. Victoria – Melbourne
Planet Lighting $92,000 Advanced payment on exports NSW
Mulgowie Fresh P/L $1,782,700 Innovative processing equipment Mulgowie, Queensland
The Cumberland Day Spa Centre $100,000 Business expansion & marketing VIC
Hickory Building Systems P/L $5,000,000 New technology and marketing opportunities Brooklyn Victoria
Chris Price Opals P/L $28,855 Grant for Mentoring and business advice NSW
North Australian Expeditions P/L $9,152 Grant Funding received for business advice NT
No Sweat Fashions Ltd Various Amounts Benchmarking study ACT
Chantal Troccaz $13,247 Travel Grant for International visits to establish business expansion NSW
Wilderness 4Wd Adventures P/L $50,670 Grant for international tourism & marketing costs NT
Australian Robotics Industries Pty Ltd $427,051 Unmanned confined-space inspection technologies ACT
Cattle & Lamb Pty Ltd $26,140 International visits to establish expansion NSW
Bush Bio-therapies P/L $76,835 International travel to establish business overseas NSW
Meadowbank Wines Holding P/L $82,000 Expansion Capital Grant TAS
Brokenwood Wines P/l $63,900 International travel for business purposes NSW
Australian Leisure Management Pty Ltd $9,388 Grant to Work from home and Family Room VIC
Bopcards P/L $44,300 International travel Grant for purposes of trade NSW
Atlassian Software Systems P/L $150,000 Funding received to promote export NSW
A Capital Idea P/L $64,000 Grant for for New Business costs ACT
Acu Rate P/l $64,000 Funding received for start up NSW
Advantage Line P/L $54,078 Grant for export promotions received NSW
Angliss Consulting P/l $29,508 Grant received for promotion VIC
Australian Fashion Partners P/L $15,000 Grant to work from home NSW
Avant $14,873 Funding received to work from home NT
ACE Bookkeeping
$7,193 Funding for working from home and family room WA CANNINGVALE EAST
Anvers Confectionery $100,000 business expansion grant TAS
Beyond Properties Pty Ltd $122,469 Funding received for business opportunities NSW
Brandmode Pty Ltd $25,455 An integrated web site including software SA
Blue Monkey Creations P/L $38,000 hardware and software required for CAD system SA
Bribie Island Anchorage PtyLtd $5,516 Funding received for work and family QLD
Brisbane Logistictic P/L $8,848 Funding received to work from home QLD
Buzz Employment Services $14,551 Funding received to work from home WA
Bowden, Michelle T/A Lime-Lennox $10,606 Funding received for a Family Room NSW
Grainger Television Aust P/L $5,000 International travel for business purposes NSW
Career Training Institute of Australia P/L $29,065 Grant for promoting business QLD
Conflict of Interest $14,000 Business start up Grant VIC
Cheeky Tees Various Amounts Grant received for 1 yr income support and business start up costs WA
Cheetah Aust P/L $64,000 Start up funding for manufacturer QLD
Carole B Graphics $2,960 Funding received for Income support, and mentoring for new business start up NT
Cumberland Day Spa $100,000 New business Grants VIC
Dudley Wines $100,000 Funding received for expansion: cellar door and cafe SA
Sea Pen P/L $64,000 Business concept funding QLD
G.R. Diamond Consultants Pty Ltd $5,950 Funding received to work from home VIC
Gym of Life $20,000 Business Start up loan received NSW
Intelligent IP Communications P/L $64,000 Start Up finance for Western Australia company WA
The Hot Chip Company P/L $64,000 Start up finance for WA company WA
Delve Technologies $64,000 Funding received for New Business Start-up costs QLD
Kwik Kat Enterprise $4,500 Start up grant SA
Deluxe Developments P/L $7,461 Funding received to work from home NSW
Dr Geoffrey Sherlock Dental Surgeon $6,765 Family Room NSW
Duncan Bucknell Company Pty Ltd $4,356 Work from home VIC
Emove P/L $64,000 funding received for New Business expenses NSW
Enhance Entertainment P/L $9,233 Funding received to work from home NSW
EnviroWorks Consulting $9,260 Funded to work from home WA
Evolve Energy Pty Ltd $9,624.00 Work from home and Family Room QLD CAIRNS
Essence Communications $12,276.60 Work from home VIC EAST MALVERN
Farm Plan Plus $15,000 Received funding for Family Room NSW
Frontline Graphic Arts Pty Ltd $6,057.00 Work from home VIC HIGHETT
CGA TAS Pty Ltd $10,848.70 Work from home and Family Room TAS
Gregory Reynolds Accounting Pty Ltd $4,771.00 Policy establishment TAS
Highpoint Computer Solutions Pty Ltd $8,029 Funded to work from home NSW BELLA VISTA
Hosikozi Clothing Company Pty Ltd $34,665 Funding for automated management system, including software for a web store QLD
Home Based Health $15,000 Start up business loan WA
Intelligent IP Communications P/L $60,000 Funding received for New Business Startup WA
Ian Pattison Jewelers Pty Ltd $6,295.55 Work from home VIC OCEAN GROVE
Jumbana Group Various Amounts Funding received for export market expansion NSW
K.A Corser & T.S O’Malley $50,000 Business growth strategy and mentoring QLD
KCW Developments Pty Ltd $4,774 Family Room TAS
Kidney Support Network Inc $14,640.81 Work from home QLD
Midland Railway Company P/L $100,000 Funding received to restore and refurbish railway carriages WA
Little Potty Red Shoes $33,820 Apparel business specific software and hardware SA
Look Now Pty Ltd $13,229 Work from home QLD
Leishman Associates Pty Ltd $15,000 Work from home TAS
Malcolm Wells Accounting Solutions Pty Ltd $15,000 Funding received to work from home VIC
Mildura Development Corporation $25,000 Funding received for research into domestic and international produce marketing strategies VIC
Management Solutions (QLD) Pty Ltd $10,145 Funding received to work from home QLD BRISBANE
Mahony’s Lawyers $11,438.50 Work from home SA
Marino Monograms Pty Ltd $9,504 Policy establishment SA
O’Halloran Deal Lawyers $7,940 Obtained funding to work from home NSW WAGGA WAGGA
Organic Licorice Factory $75,000 Tourism opportunities
Outdoor Clothing Concepts Pty Ltd $47,500 Marketing plan and business mentoring QLD
Property Works Pty Ltd $8,250 Grant for Policy establishment ACT PHILLIP
Ramin Mostaghimi $15,000 Start up small business grant for NSW business owner NSW
Rope Online Pty. Ltd. $36,595 Web-based business management system & developing e-commerce QLD
Super Safe Silo Tops P/L $151,000 Grant given for marketing of products to Victorian business VIC
Seafood Experience Australia Ltd $36,000 Funding received for innovative marketing and promotional strategies
Seafood Services Aust $148,875 Funding awarded for market and promotion of its produce.
Saltwater Insurance Consultants Pty Ltd $9,551 Work from home NSW SYDNEY
SJW Accountants Pty Ltd $15,000 Work from home QLD VARSITY LAKES
Terry and Jim Moran $20,000 Shearing shed upgrade
The Corporate Tailors Pty Ltd $38,500 Improvements in operational procedures QLD
Tracy Moreton Consulting $5,800 Funding received to work from home NSW BYRON BAY
TM Organics Pty Ltd $14,596 Work from home SA
Tangaroa Blue Foundation $10,000 Funding received for WA Marine Debris Project WA
Turtons Lawyers Pty Ltd $15,000 Work from home NSW SYDNEY
Universal KBO Accounting Solutions $9,829 Funding received to work from home QLD
Vegetables WA $31,705 Funding received to develop marketing and promotional plan for the WA vegetable industry. WA
Wauchope Rural Centre $6,236 Family Room NSW
Walsh Accounting $5,630 Policy establishment and Family Room QLD
Wood Products Victoria Ltd $22 500 Funding received to for study of structural materials used in Victorian residential housing VIC
A Step Ahead P/L $10,455 Funding received to work from home NSW
Allen Consulting Group P/L $27,092 Funding received for trade promotions VIC
Andrew McKinnon Presentations $38,859 NSW Small Business Grant for export promotion NSW
Asystants P/L $15,000 Funding received to work from home NSW
Accounting Add-ons Pty Ltd 15000 Funding received to work from home VIC
Australian International Marine Export Group Ltd $92,861 Promotions and trade shows VIC
Aviation Compliance Solutions P/L $17,427 funding received for promotion oppotunities VIC
Australian Industry Group $60,475 Grant for Export promotion to small business in NSW NSW
BMT Maritime Consultants P/L $8,775 funding received for promotions QLD
Bush Food Sensations Inc. $7,500 Business consultant NSW
Calibre Management International P/L $58,873 funding received towards promotion VIC
Capital Partners P/L $83,921 Promotional literature NSW
Carrolls Business Solutions P/L $12,666.47 Funding received to work from home NSW
Delica Australia P/L $34,155 Funding received towards a business consultant VIC
Donut Australia P/L $40,482 Funding received towards promotion costs VIC
Emu Design (Qld) P/L $65,204 Business promotion QLD
Bg Hotels (Darwin) Pty Ltd $13,837 To hire a business consultant NT Darwin
Bg Hotels (Darwin) Pty Ltd $26,718 Business opportunities NT Darwin
University of Canberra College Pty Ltd $70,439 Consultant/business opportunities ACT
At Last Shoes $4,500 Training to launch new retail shop SA
Cheeta Australia Pty Ltd $64,000 business consultant &
manufacturing grant
Zachary Sonstegaard $3,000 Start up grant to purchase tools TAS
Ellen Pittman $3,000 Start up grant to purchase jewellery design equipment TAS
Carrie Poprawski $10,800 Research and write a play TAS
Kate Gordon $14,580 Funding towards new novel TAS
Hindmarsh Plumbing Service Various amounts $4850 per apprentice awarded SA
Initial Maintenance Management $500,000 Energy efficiency for business QLD
Cheeky Teez 1 years income WA Small business grants gives business 12 months income to support new business during its first year WA
Eurofield Info Solutions P/L $12,600 International trade assistance NSW
Evermore Music $53,200 International trade assistance NSW
Executive Marque P/L $19,500 Employ business professional NSW
Ezi Automation (Australia) P/L $93,200 Employ business professional NSW
Charmah $13,000 Restaurant start up funding QLD
CCB P/L $100,000 Grants for Building renovations TAS
Wunan Foundation Inc $99,000 Funding to start camp in wilderness for tourism WA
Chubz & Gee $20,000 Loan for new business NSW
Bio-power Systems P/L $64,000 Marketing of products NSW
Puresamba P/L $47,000 Business finance to the value of $47,000 for WA company WA
D-Space P/L $1,654,400 Satellite Project marketing SA
Readon P/L $64,000 Software marketing WA
Hatch-tech P/L $2,000,000 Research and marketing of product VIC
D J Young P/L $348,000 New Machinery VIC
Maria Chiodo Bridal $23,000 Computer design system to increase production NSW
Bordertown Boutique Cheese Factory $16,000 Feasibility study SA
BNB Group Australia P/L $50,000 An enterprise management system NSW
Injalak Arts & Crafts Association Inc. $47,625 Business and e-marketing development strategy to support printed fabric production NT
Big Fish Graphics NT $46,815 Business development for e-commerce NT
Adelaide Trimmings P/L $40,500 Integrated management system for production SA
Liza Emanuele Design P/L $48,750 Business Growth SA
S P Orthopedic Footwear P/L $48,000 Integrated 3D scanner for manufacture SA
Collier Clothing P/L $36,750 Customised management system VIC
Printink Studio $18,250 Website & Marketing opportunities for online sales VIC
Duntruckin P/L $37,200 E-commerce website for remote customer access WA
RPC Technologies $2.5 Million New Plant building for Manufacture purposes NSW
Avolution Pty Ltd $76,249 For visits to established or potential overseas markets NSW
Ballastech Pty Ltd $30,000 Ship ballast knowledge base QLD Townsville
Gold-Peg International $50,000 Security bonds for international sales VIC
Bont Skates Pty Ltd $150,000 Grant to employ professional consultant and advice NSW Campsie
Clearguard Pty Ltd $52,000 Marketing and further development of industrial piping solution WA Jandakot
Cawarra Cosmetics P/L $20,000 Employ industry specialist for advice and mentoring NSW
Claypave Pty Ltd $1,208,730 Development of large scale clay pavers QLD Dinmore
Deployable Structures International Pty Ltd $64,000 Product development for Manufacture QLD Cleavland
Datadot Technology Ltd $1,541,260 Innovative technology grant awarded NSW French’s Forest
Elaco Pty Ltd $64,000 Composite manufacturing system ACT Tuggeranong
Formcraft Pty Ltd $64,000 Insulated concrete flooring system WA Kewdale
GPS-AG 125% write off R&D costs R&D Tax Incentive VIC
Flip Screen Australia Pty Ltd $590,000 Aggregates filtering device NSW Wagga Wagga
Freecargo Australia Pty Ltd $64,000 Web Based E-Commerce Applications For The Transport Industry. WA Midland
Fluorosolar Systems Ltd $1.2 Million Flexible light transmission technology NSW Parramatta
Gliderol International Pty Ltd $1,439,260 Efficient Cost Effective Advanced Manufacturing Process For Gliderol Global Garage Doors SA Holden Hill
Global Manufacturing Technology P/L $38,000 Employ professional adviser NSW
Kool Ideas Pty Ltd $64,000 The World’s First Mobile 12 Volt Reverse Cycle Air-conditioner. VIC Bendigo
Loklite Pty Ltd $957,079 Composite building panel QLD Holland Park
Global Safety Solutions & Management P/L $100,000 International trade visits for expansion NSW
Australasian Wine Exporters $38,800 Funding received for Advertising & Promotional literature VIC
Australia-Asia International Wine Textile and Foods Importing/Exporting P/L $6,100 Grant for Export Promotions VIC
Magswitch Technology Worldwide Pty Ltd $423,377 Improvements to current magswitch tehnology NSW North Ryde
Australian Culinary Foods P/L $20,900 Grant for property rights & assistance for registration NSW
Australasian Wine Exporters P/L $47,000 Grant for Promotions and Trade Fair VIC
Romar Engineering Pty Ltd $449,915 Liquid silicone dispensing system NSW Sefton
Australian Valve and Engineering Pty Ltd $127,500 Technology & Equipment Grant VIC
Fabtronics Australia Pty Ltd $238,900 Purchase and commission of a new production line Braeside Victoria
Diamond Dell Pty Ltd $250,000 Purchase a new cookie production line VIC
Nu-Style Constructions P/L $78,800 Grant for new development methods QLD
City Move P/L $57,300 Capital for Business Expansion and Growth NSW
Aconex $200,000 Grants to attend exhibits VIC
Initial Maintenance Management $500,000 Energy efficiency grants for commercial improvements QLD
X-Pace Design Group P/L $18,300 Grant received for marketing and promotions NSW
Andrew McKinnon Presentations $38,859 Government business funding provided for export promotion NSW
Atlassian Software Systems P/L $150,000 NSW Export Grant for Promotions NSW
Australian International Marine Export Group Ltd $92,861 Government Grant to attend trade show and promotions VIC
Cluny Exports P/L $8,392 Funding Towards Export Promotions NSW
Delica Australia P/L $34,155 Funding received towards a business consultant VIC
Australian Southern Exporters $499,250 SA Exporter get Business Grant for Commercially Viable Business Development SA
Bronx International $500,000 Export Bonds Granted to Assist NSW Importer / Exporter with Export bonds and Market Guarantees. NSW
Wicked Travel P/L $121,700 Funding received for business consultant NSW
Fern-grove Vineyards Ltd $89,533 Funding received for a business consultant WA
Philmac Pt/L $2,404,000 New machinery for manufacturing SA

Recipients are given as an indication for you to see funding provided to business on many levels, accuracy is not guaranteed. Information obtained from (FOI ),ABG is not linked to funding program and no funding is due to ABG unless stated.