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Research & Development

Recipient Name

Callidus Welding Solutions


$1.25 million

Funding Purpose

Mining Research & Development



Aerofloat $310,000 innovative Grant for Water recycling
Net Leverage P/L $64,000 Research & Development Patents NSW
SRP Australia P/L 483,126 Innovative New manufacturing System SA
Elvin Group P/L $90.954 Innovation Grant for Carbon Emissions Reduction ACT
Ceridia $48,400 Innovation Grant for Clinical Drug Development
Learning Frameworks $127,877 Innovative Software Development
Boxen Systems P/L $64,000 Research & Development Patents SA
The University of Sydney $20,600,000 All-sky Astrophysics NSW
Beech-worth Spraying P/L $185,500 Research & Development Patents TAS
BJH Controls P/L $154,000 Business Expansion Capital SA
Liquid Ceramics Technology P/L $64,000 Research & Development Patents NSW
Technical Fabric Services
Australia P/L
578,238 R & D for Technical
fabric services
The University of NSW $21,400,000 Climate System Science NSW
Parkes Hydraulic Services $36,000 R & D Patents NSW
3MP P/L $89,375 Business Expansion SA
Macquarie University $12,400,000 Core to Crust Fluid System NSW
De Bruin Engineering P/L $192,500 Purchase New Equipment SA
Lynette G Everett $6,800 Intellectual property rights WA
The University of Queensland $24,500,000 Engineered Quantum System QLD
DMS Mining Services P/L $727,898 Vehicle and employment of staff NSW
The University of Queensland $11,900,000 Environmental Decisions QLD
Dunetone P/L Spiers Engineering Developments P/L $422,840 Facility expansion and upgrade NSW
The University of WA $24,250,000 History of Emotions WA
Internet Solutions Australia P/L $217,203 Purchase new equipment NSW
The University of Melbourne $25,200,000 Particle Physics at the Tera-Scale VIC
The University of Adelaide $19,250,000 Plant Cell Wall Biology SA
TPI Enterprises Ltd $353,650 Equipment to reduce carbon emissions TAS
Walshs Glass $37,365 Equipment to reduce carbon emissions WA
Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia $300,000.00 Learned Academies Schem
Westfert P/L $468,759 Equipment to reduce carbon emissions WA
AINSE Limited $1,000,000.00 Infrastructure equipment and facilities
The Distributors $231,000 Business expansion capital SA
Astronomy Australia Limited $13,651,951.00 Infrastructure equipment and facilities
Godfrey Hirst Australia P/L 1,836,350 Carpet development. VIC
DIAB Engineering $191,265 Equipment to reduce carbon emissions WA
Bruck Textiles P/L 1,437,147 Research & Development costs VIC
4Blok P/L $345,577 Expansion capital SA
Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering $599,000.00 Learned academies scheme
Specialty Coatings Aust P/L 1,961,449 R & D of new resin VIC
J&M Shanks P/L $220,468 Expansion capital SA
Edith Cowan University Various amounts Funding received for various projects
Tapex P/L 1,859,550 Product development NSW
Wilson Transformer Co P/L $37,910 Carbon emissions reduction WA
James Cook University $150,000.00 Infrastructure Equipment and Facilities
Crusader Hose P/L 404,525 Design manufacture process VIC
Prof Hurriyet Babacan $75,000 Cultural health and well-being VIC
Jets Swimwear P/L 1,786,125 Digital design process for swimwear NSW
Dr Campbell Aitken $75,000 Health in youth Burnet Institute
Creswick Woollen Mills P/L 402,050 Business Reposition VIC
Jaffa Limestone P/L $486,750 Purchase equipment SA
Green Distillation Technologies $438,400 Environmental Production Recycling
(FMAA) Footwear Manufacturers Assoc Aus Inc 6,245,250 Consortium to manufacture customised footwear in Australia VIC
Viocorp International $450,000 Business mentoring for proof of concept
Textor Technologies P/L 3,488,081 Production and processing facility VIC
Whispir $2,000,000 Development and commercialisation of new software product
Clarinox $50,000 Design & Innovation for electronics
South East Laundry $198,000 Business Expansion SA
St Vincent’s Centre for Applied Medical Research $80,00 Myeloid Leukaemia gene prediction
Garvan Institute of Medical Research / Kinghorn Cancer Centre $80,000 Gene stability
Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute $50,000 Improving care in cardiac
I-tree P/L $839,930 New software NSW
Skydive the Beach P/L $896,500 Business Expansion NSW
Roundwood Solutions P/L $137,366 New merchandising system SA
Superfine in Focus P/L $6,050,000 New centre and training facilities NSW
Aston Newman Timbers P/L $220,000 Business Expansion SA
WJB Engineering and Active
Magnetics Research P/L
$415,015 Business Expansion NSW
Clear Edge Filtration Aus P/L 777,563 Technical minerals refining filter fabrics design. VIC
(TFIA) Council of Textile &
Fashion Industries of Aus Ltd
2,761,715 Design and production network VIC
Global Safety Solutions &
2,324,256 Garment development NSW
South East Excavations $62,755 Equipment and machinery purchase SA
Sol U Wall Products & Systems P/L $341,000 Commercialisation of new product SA
South East Conveyors & Engineering $305,580 Expand workshop SA
Minijumbuk $550,000 Business Expansion Grant SA
Deakin University $206,000 Grant for business education QLD
Studform P/L $286,000 Grant to purchase new equipment SA
Warrnambool Cheese & Butter Factory Company Holdings LTD $1,320,000 Business expansion VIC
Whiteheads Timber Sales P/L $396,000 Purchase new equipment SA
Charles Darwin University $50,000 Research grant for development & implementation of new digital resources WA
Affinity Live $119,000 Research & Development Patents awarded NSW
Curtin University $161,000 Grant for Mobile Application QLD
Lipotek $500,000 Research grant awarded for new therapy and hiring consultants. ACT
Gammasonics Institute For Medical Research $32,100 Business Improvements NSW
Gumnut Software P/L $16,500 Business Mentoring and advice NSW

Recipients are given as an indication for you to see funding provided to business on many levels, accuracy is not guaranteed. Information obtained from (FOI ), ABG is not linked to funding program and no funding is due to ABG unless stated.