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Victoria Government Grants Programs

Victoria’s economy maintains 26 % of all employed workers within Australia with manufacturing industries playing a large role in this. However small business is on the Australian government and Victorian governments agenda with funding to assist the needs of small business owners within the state.

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply for grants and loans through national, state and local government programs currently offering assistance for start-ups to large scale operations. Money is currently available to help with expansion, growth, employing staff, mentoring, equipment pus much more.

Government Grant Programs

Its important you know what government funding your small business is eligible for. Victorian business owners can apply through all four levels of government funding programs currently on offer through federal, state, local and council grants programs including:

  • Building improvement grants – $30,000
  • First Time Sole Exhibitors – $10,000
  • International gateway grant – $50,000
  • Energy Business assessment -$20,000
  • Business Innovation – up to 1 million
  • High Value Industry funds – form $100,000 to $1 Million
  • Cafe & Restaurant Grants – $2,000
  • Medical Research Grants – $1 M
  • Start-ups and Established business Program – $8.3 million in total pool, disbursed according to project.

For a complete list of all government business funding currently offered to help your Victorian business or more information on government grants available to your industry please phone: (02) 66 792 161