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Grants for women in business

15 Jun

Grants for women in business

There has never been a better time for Australian businesswomen to start, grow or develop a small business. Women can now apply for small business grants through state, federal or local government programs for the purpose of business growth and development.

Money is essential at any stage of your business from start up all the way through to major expansion, and the government offers funding options to give you a better chance of succeeding.

Women can often find it difficult when it comes to funding their business however government grants could offer you an alternative solution.

Grants for Business Women

Woman focused business grants & government low interest business loans can help you to purchase equipment, machinery, relocate, training, employ staff, mentoring plus much more.
There are currently over one thousand government business funding programs through grants and loans on offer with many of them geared towards business women including:

  • Small Business Grants
  • Government Business Loans
  • Business Mentoring
  • Professional advice and assistance
  • Workshops
  • Plus much more

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